Over the Moor

Imagine, if you will, the opening credit montage of an early 1990’s British crime series on BBC America. I, the unassuming sheep farmer/pub-goer turned amateur photographer/mystery sleuth, make my way across the green moors of the English countryside with a jaunty spring in my step and a small film camera around my neck as my rambunctious border collie runs ahead doing border collie type stuff. I stop and look out at the rolling green hills in front of me; the camera pans the scene in my gaze before zooming in on my face and a twinkle in my all-knowing sleuthly eye as I light my pipe filled with 100% legal in the State of Michigan kush tobacco and then take a photo with my little jank camera.

Now imagine that absolutely none of that happened.

What did happen is that on Wednesday, I worked at the shop; it was bike selling chaos!! I was there 5 hours, and we sold three bikes and a baby trailer in about 25 minutes. On Thursday, I snuck out for a chilly walk at Meridian Park before grocery shopping amongst the masses, doing laundry, and cooking various meals for the unit according to mealtime, dietary restrictions, etc.


The walk was short, the early spring landscape dull and brown, and the temperatures cool. I did grab a few OK shots, which was enough to scratch my creative itch before heading for groceries. Leave it to the black-capped chickadee to help a brother out.

Time to get showered before heading over to CMU for my first COVID vaccination. I’ll let you know if any microchips are implanted. Or will I???

One of two dead carps seen. The other was used to plaster the top of a muskrat lodge.


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