The Storm Before the Storm


Monday was more productive than usual for me since I’ve taken on the (volunteer) duties of redoing the website for B-Man’s soccer club and I was soccer balls deep into putting the finishing touches on a locally hosted version of my ideas to present to the board that night. I got a 3 mile treadmill run in, got the temp site done, got it approved at our meeting that night, and now I am up to my fatty pelvis deep in creating the real website. It’s been a lot of work, but I’ll be happy to see the club get a way better site (in my opinion) and do my part to help the club. God knows I have nothing else to offer them other than annual fees and a son who is an awesome player.

If nothing else, the club project is the continued learning/self teaching/self loathing of stuff that I was never taught in a crap two-year art school–’cause Web design classes weren’t around in 1990–and who knows, it might lead to some cash paying/bartering jobs in the future. I’ll post a link when it’s done… if it’s ever done.

I made the promise to myself that I would get out for ride on Tuesday, especially since several inches of snow are in the forecast for Wednesday through Thursday, and I knew that if I didn’t get out with bike and camera soon I might take a hostage.


Sadly, the ride was sort of crap as I’ve been having a lot of hip flexor issues. I don’t think it’s a bike fit issue, but it might be from the running/incline intervals on the treadmill. Or I’m just an old, fat douche bag.

The ride also sucked ’cause I have failed to find my photo shootin’ mojo yet again. I had been on a streak of personally liking the stuff I was shooting for a while, now I can’t find a photo I like! F*ck!

Regardless of crap photos, crap fitness, unknown pains, or the fact that it’s still cold and snowy in these parts, I am not going to bitch about getting out for a ride (unless I just did).


There was also a lot of other stuff in the pre-storm storm: I found out my dad needed to go to the hospital (he’s fine now) with breathing issues (possible pneumonia), Wifey is out-of-town ’till late Thursday, I had to load another dumpster full of shit we want rid of before we move, I’m a solo dad this week, I’m having New House Worries, website developer angst, out of state bad son guilt, and a good friend phoned during the ride to tell me he can’t go with me, and few other friends, to the Maiden show in a few weeks because of work stuff. It was a hell of a Tuesday, but despite all that I went to bed that night knowing that despite all that, things are a hell of a lot worse elsewhere, and potentially going to suck long and hard here in the U.S. come November 2016.

As I sign off, we have three or four inches of snow on the ground and it’s still coming down. We were so close to spring and now… POOF! Ah, poo-fuckit!

School is closed tomorrow, so B-Man is in his glory as Friday was the beginning of Spring Break, so he doesn’t have to go back until April 4th, and I don’t have to get up at 6 AM ’till then either. Look at me looking on the bright side of things! I guess those meds do work after all.


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