Sniffing Glue & Mini Pitas


There will be glue-sniffing until further notice.

Well, no glue per se, and no real sniffing, but the continued ingestion of various items in the hopes of ignoring the fact that the world is going to hell in a burning, COVID virus-filled bag of dog shit, and that bag will continue its hell-bound trajectory until the fiery poo-bag is stomped out and shoes become scorched and shit-covered. That is, of course, my way of saying until we’re back to our normal lives, or my body stops working.

I’m not a betting man, but if I were, I would put all my money on my body giving up.

New toothbrush found!

I wanted to do as mind benders, and mental health experts recommend and keep my days as normal and as close to my regular routine as possible, but much of my routine has been interrupted by this viral shit show.

With the gym out of the question, I was doing what I could do in the Not So Stankment, and going for some hikes to clear my mind. That helped, but I soon succumbed being filled with hate, sleeping 12+ hours a day, and being the “lazy good for nothing,” that so many believe I am.

X marks the social distancing spot on line at Meijer.

Additionally, with the grocery store shelves being ravaged, many of my healthy-ish go-to Cat 5 Cooking meals are impossible to make. I can understand people buying up all the bread, eggs, chicken, rice, and pasta, but pita bread is a mystery to me. Are that many people suddenly getting their Greek on, or realizing how awesome making up a quick, crispy pita-pizza for lunch is? While much of America is wondering where all the ventilators and test kits are, I’m stupefied by the lack of large pitas in the stores. It’s like we’re a third world country all of a sudden!1

I won’t let my pita consumption be compromised by hordes of hungry virus mongers and their newfound love of large-sized pitas! I’m stronger than that and refused to get down about it! I bought the last of the small-sized pitas and will just double up come lunchtime. BOOM! How I’m not in charge of America’s pandemic task force, I have no idea.

I suppose I should harness some of my “can do” pita energy and use it to get back to working out, Zwifting, and hiking2. Riding outside would normally be a possibility, especially with the days getting gradually warmer, but I don’t want to be that guy who crashes and needs to go to an already stressed out ER.

As mentioned in a previous post, I like routine, and right now, my routine is off. I’m not sure if I’ll completely stop “sniffing glue” anytime soon, but I plan on fine tuning my Stay at Home Routine so that when all of this is over, I’m not leaving home 30 more pounds overweight and in need of a liver transplant.

Mini Pita Pizza 1 of 2.

Time to get my Zwift on, throw some weights around3, cook up some mini pita-pizzas4, and go for a Gov.-Gretchen approved hike.



  1. No offense to third world countries, some of my favorite countries are in the third world.
  2. As of 12:01 this morning, Michigan is now on Stay at Home Order. In reading about it, it was a relief to see that Gov.-Gretchen “specifically included exemptions for people to go outside for walks and hikes.”
  3. Post-shitty workout update: Not sure what was up with me while Zwifting, but an empty stomach and too much coffee had me dry heaving. I aborted after 5 miles and did one set of weights. Not the return to normal I was looking for. At least the hike went better.
  4. I did my best with the mini pitas, but they just weren’t as good, or as crispy as my normal pitas.

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