Snow Day

The weather goofs were right, we got snow. Yeah! About four inches or so, then it started raining and turned everything into a slushy, sloppy mess. Boo!! Now we’re getting 35+ MPH winds, more rain, and the temps are supposed to be dropping into the low twenties later. That should REALLY make things awesome by morning. I’ve learned to tolerated winter in the past few years by riding the Fatterson and snowshoeing, but wet snow, rain, ice, is about the worst ever. What sport or outdoor activity is done best in slush? Exactly.

B’s school was cancelled today, as was his evening soccer practice, and I’ll be shocked if school is not at least delayed in the morning. Oh well, if that happens at least I don’t have to wake up at 6 AM!  OK, two minute after I typed that the email came through notifying us of another snow day. Alarm disarmed!

I wish this Michigan winter would shit of get off the pot as my grandmother used to say. Or as I say, “snow or be spring, make up your f*cking mind!” That bumper sticker is available in the gift shop to your right as you exit [not really, the gift shop is closed, sorry].

In lieu of a photo of my sweat covered treadmill, the wet snow, or more crap photos of my lunch, I give my faithful readers reader yet another pic of Jake (the dog) on the couch. He was hunkered down on his blanket after his trip out to poo, so I flipped it over to warm him up. He seemed to like it, or at least I think he did. In any event he almost immediate start falling asleep and snoring. I’ll take that as a yes.


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