I’ve been up since 6:30 AM, which is pretty normal since I usually go to bed by 9 PM these days. Oddly, it’s dark as night with threatening clouds leftover from last night’s thunderstorms, and I have a feeling it’s going to be like this for most of the day.

Given the rain overnight, I’ll be keeping my Roscoe and its new 29er wheels with low-profile Kenda rubber out of the mud and in the garage1. Instead, I’ve developed a plan to tackle 2 to 3 laps of the Bundy Hill Preserve, hopefully without being struck by lightning. 

My plan is to take my Zed 6 and a 120mm f/4 lens, along with a vintage manual focus f/2.8 macro lens (utilizing the F to Z Adapter). As dark as it is outside, I’ll probably still have to push the ISOs higher than I want, but it’s all cool; my main focus (no pun intended will be on bagging the summit 2 or 3 times. And by “the summit,” I mean climbing a whopping 1,270 feet above sea level!! This SHOULD get me between 2.84 and 4.26 miles of hiking before lunch, followed by England vs. Denmark later in the day.


A Sweet 3.20-mile hike at Bundy Hill twice was had, and I summited the “hill” twice along with getting some photos of the misty woods. More later, right now, I’m buzzing from the England match vs. Denmark. I still don’t think it’s “COMING HOME” for England, but Sunday’s game vs. Italy should be sweet. #mysummerofslack #fatguysummer


Here I am, back in the dark of my office in the early morning, lit only by my computer screen and a burgeoning caffeine buzz. Thunder rumbles, and rain pelts the house as I try to think of anything worthwhile to write before I dump out, eat a Soiled Egg Sammich, dump out again, drink more coffee, debate squeezing in a 3-mile Dreadmill™ lumber, and then go to the shop to gimp. 


With that said, no, I don’t have any more words of inspiration and praise concerning my hike on Wednesday; it was wet, it was misty, I got a few photos I dig, but a LOT that sucked. Most of the suck came from shooting handheld macro whilst raindrops fell from the leaves above me, and I tried to slow my heavy breathing.


  1. Whilst at the shop last week, I swapped out the stock 27.5+ wheels with a set of Bontrager 29er wheels. While I LOVE the 650B+ wheels on singletrack, once they hit pavement, gravel, or two-track, I often feel like I’m riding a little kid’s bike. I know it’s mental, but I figured what the hell? If things go to plan, my Trek Stache frame will be here by August of 2055, and I’ll still have a PLUS bike in the arsenal for a plus-sized me.

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