The Birds & The Weeds

For some reason, I was up at 6:15 on Tuesday morning. I really don’t know why; all I know is that the longer I laid there, the more I thought about other, more constructive things I could be doing. That’s quite a change from two months ago when I was on the cusp of filling out my application to be a professional bed layer. A position I feel I would have excelled at!

I’d like to give big props to the O.G. Mindbender and Mindbender II (The Wrath of Kahn) for getting me out of bed and back feeling like myself again.

Uncharacteristically from two months ago, when my 30-minute visit with MBII (TWofK) would have been the only thing I did all day, I took my cameras and a couple lenses along for the ride, and after the appointment, I drove over to Forest Hill Nature Area for a walk and some photo shootin’.

A random friendly dude in the Forest Hill parking lot let me know some info on the current bird situation and things to look for during my walk. Not sure how much I was helped by said information, but I’d rather talk to a friendly bird nerd than most people any day!

With the walk complete and my camera’s SD cards filled with images of birds and some macro shots of dead weeds, I headed home to do whatever it is I do on a Tuesday.

I have to admit, it was a great day for pic-chahh takin’, and all these photos were taken after walking just a mile. By no means was this a workout, but between the walking and the excitement of capturing these images, I had a nice little sweat on. Who knew my juices could get flowing from taking photos. Usually, my juices are reserved for red headed women in tan Banana Republic skirts circa 1995.  Alas, I’ve said too much. Again.

As I type this, it’s raining outside for the first time in ages, and the Escape is at the U-Haul joint getting a hitch put on—thus, I can install my Küat Rack at the shop on Thursday. I guess I’m finally getting back into this bike riding stuff; installing a car rack after 5 years feels like getting remarried or something. Strange. Ah, who am I kidding? I’m the strange one!

All the photos from this mini-excursion can be FOUND HERE


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