2 Miles & Empty Nests

After a fun, but busy, Father’s Day weekend, Monday came in like a herd of depressed turtles covered in dog feecus. Despite a busy Monday morning, I squeezed in a quick hike at the Audubon Woods Preserve and got a couple of nice pics in the process.

The warm, post-rain air was thick and humid, and at times it felt like I was huffing stank Fromundah cheese through chocolate stained, two sizes too small camel-toed Wal-Mart shopper stretch pants.

The humid air and damp woods also meant that flocks of Michigan’s state bird—the mosquito—were horned up and swarming, looking to tap into the ample supply of Xarelto tainted blood I keep hidden beneath layers of flesh. I was covered in so much DEET that I went ahead and scheduled some chemotherapy for Monday, June 2nd, 2025.

I was not going to be deterred from time in the woods by dive bombing, bloodthirsty birds bugs and plodded on, snapping pics and sucking the thick air as planned.

It seems that we’ve quickly reached the time of the summer where many of the wildflowers are gone and I spend my hike time scanning the dirt and trees for bugs, snakes, critters, and other points of photographic interest. Probably for the best, these digital pages were getting a little too Georgia O’Keeffe. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I like a good pic of a flower’s vaginal-like innards as much as the next person, but in the battle of frog vs. flower, frog always wins. Of course, I won’t dare wade into the frog vs. vagina debate. That depends on the frog, depends on the vagina.

I’m not sure I would chalk up a quick two-mile walk in the woods as “doing stuff” but the warm air and uphill trail bits were enough to get me sweating. Of course, thinking too hard also causes me to sweat, so take all that with a grain of salty sweat.

On Tuesday I found myself working a few hours at the shop and getting cross-eyed as I tried to put a Kuat rack together solo. Thankfully the shop’s retired namesake dropped in looking for something to do and lent me some helpful hands. Thanks Terry.

After that, it was home to check in on the deck’s progress, get some shit done, and realize that I am without B until Thursday afternoon while he is away (3 miles away) at CampMed, a three-day educational camp put on by the CMU medical school. BRAINIAC! I think I’m suffering from empty nest syndrome and he’s only going to be gone 2 nights and is about 3 miles away from the Cul-De-Sac Shack. Sigh.

Hoping to get some miles in on dirt tomorrow. I might explore some new to me trails. Or not. The world (within a 2 hour drive) is my oyster.


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