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After Tuesday’s WEDNESDAY’S walk in the woods was ruined, I was determined not to let weather, online appointments, Pandemic-A-Go-Go 2020, or the ever-raging fire of slack that burns in my belly, prevent me from getting outside to do something. Anything.

As has been my unfortunate routine while being Not Really Quarantined, I slept in. Then I got caught up writing another blog post filled with poor grammar, and my unintelligible unwanted opinions, and sorry attempts at humor. By the time I posted, it was after 11, and I still hadn’t eaten breakfast. So I found some of the devil’s work to do with my idle hands until lunch time. Then I ate, waited to see if I need to take a dump (FYI, I didn’t), then left for a walk around the Sylvan Preserve with my camera.

Seems about right.

I was no more than a mile from the Cul-De-Sac-Shack when the sky turned dark, and snow started blowing sideways across the road. Sweet! This should make for a more interesting hike. Of course, since Michigan gotta Michigan, by the time I got to the trail, the sun was out. Sigh, that seems about right for this state at this any time of year.

And now we have sun.

Despite the appearance of the dreaded, harsh mid-day sun, I pulled in the parking lot eager to have my mind wanked by Ma Nature. I was also happy to see just one other car in the lot, and the owners of said car exiting the trail. Oh yeah, the whole Preserve to myself! I can rest easy knowing that I can sit, straddle, lay, and squat as strangely as I want while trying to get a shot without fear of being walked-up on.

It took a lot of chasing to get this photo.

I took my time walking around the woods, took some photos, and chased a garter snake around trying to get a good shot of it. I still can’t believe the little critter was out and about on such a blustery day!

Trail buds.

With the walk walked, and photos taken, I headed to the grocery store to pick up some stuff. My maskless self wandered around the store, getting everything I needed for a few days of Cat 5 Cooking, as well as the proper refreshments to sufficiently numb me to the ever-increasing anxiety and boredom of Pandemic-A-Go-Go 2020.

After that, it was home to process photos, bother Wifey, see if B was up yet (he wasn’t), numb that boredom, and prep for the night’s dinner.

Slowly getting green.


Speaking of last night’s dinner, I made burritos (using a chicken taco recipe), salsa, guacamole, and Mexican rice. Over the past few months, I have become increasingly unsatisfied with my White Trash Mexican Cooking, and have taken to trying more authentic Mexican dishes. I highly recommend the website www.mexicanplease.com. There you’ll find lots of great recipes, with easy to follow directions. I’m looking forward to cooking up more in the coming days!


Thursday was one of the rare days in recent weeks that actually felt semi-normal. Sure, Wifey was working in the spare bedroom wearing pajamas, B wasn’t in school and slept until 3 PM, people were wearing a variety of masks and rubber gloves in the grocery store, and the news sites were filled with death tolls and ongoing Presidential stupidity, but other than that it was all pretty normal.

Out with the old, in with the new.

I was glad to get a day with sliver of normalcy and happy to have packed in a variety of my semi-normal activities into a very un-normal time in our lives.

If David David Puddy was a dog.


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