Two For One


I woke up Friday morning to a light dusting of snow on the ground (Welcome to Michiganderburgh). Thankfully that would soon melt off, but the temps would never get above 40˚, and the wind was coming right from the Witch’s nip tip. In other words, it was a good day to head out for a woodsy walk with my camera.

I went to the Hall’s Lake Natural Area, and once again found myself with acres of woods to myself.

I hate this time of year because you never know what the hell sort of weather you’re gonna get. However, I also love it because each trip into the woods yields more and more signs that spring will get here eventually. Someday.

I hiked around, took way too many photos, and took a few minutes to sit on one of the benches that dot the preserve to take a few deep, COVID-free (for now) meditative breaths and bask in the feeling of the brisk spring wind on my face, and the sound of the birds chirping, the trees creaking above, and distant honks of geese on the lake. Just those few minutes of bench sitting made for a nice brain flush. I highly recommend it.


If I get the itch (not that one, I took antibiotics for that one), I may get all of Friday’s pics in a gallery in an attempt to share and still keep page loads quick. But if I ain’t itchin’, it ain’t gettin’. 




I fully admit that I stayed up too late Friday. What started with me making another round of badass Mexican food, morphed into me watching multiple episodes of The English Game solo while drinking gin and tonic (yes I was feeling Supersonic) before heading to bed where I played golf horribly on the iPad until after midnight.

I was up reasonably early for a Friday night that contained Beefeater, and a Pandemic Saturday void of football on TV. I got the dogs sorted, had a cup of coffee, a piece of toast, and a couple sloppy browns before I eventually said “fuck it,” and went back to bed for another hour or so.

As I laid there, I had no desire to ride my bike or do anything. I just wanted to sleep all day and then wake up to see that Pandemic-A-Go-Go 2020 was just a dream, and there was footy on TV, matches to take B to, and friends to meet up with. Of course, that didn’t happen.

After a few more minutes, I got the tingling to head out for a ride. The sun was out, the temps were rising, and the wind—while not great—at least looked like was better than previous days.

I was unsure if the ride would last more than a few feet, given that in the days prior, I managed to give birth to a giant-sized pimple on my scrum. The fucker was/is huge, hurt like a dirty fornicating mother, and just 24 hours earlier felt like it might ejaculate a mug full of pus at any moment. (You’re welcome).

Thankfully, an ill-advised sterile enough pin, proper scrum care, and some topical antibiotics worked well enough overnight to allow a quick, pain-free 22-mile dirt road ride in the brisk early afternoon air.

As much as I love this time of year in the woods, out on the dirt roads, it is a different story. There are no crops to break the wind, everything is brown, and opportunities for photos are scarce. I’ve either taken the pic a million times, or it just looks blah in the bright mid-day sun. As much as a ride under blue sky and sun is fantastic, I admit I like my rural Michigan dank, dark, and messy. The same way I like my sex women woodsy walks.

Ham and Cheese pita panini. Shit photo, but good sandwich.

It looks like I might get the opportunity for some wet woods walking on Sunday as rain is in the forecast.

As fun as it was to get out on the bike this afternoon, I could have used a few more degrees, better fitness, and a pimple-less scrum to make it more enjoyable. BUT! I will take what I can get these days.


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