Miles Nowhere and Somewhere


Winter is now (unofficially) officially here in the mid-Mitten. I was hopeful that it was detoured when the snow we got last Sunday melted through the week, but I knew it was here for sure when a quick pre-ride check of my phone Friday said it was 24˚/Feels like 17˚. What it should have said was 24˚/Feels like cold as f*ck.

Yes, after a week mostly spent running/lumbering on the treadmill (gag) and strength training (gag again), I finally took the 20 extra minutes to ensconce myself in layer upon layer cold riding gear and head out for a quick 20 mile loop. It was truly unremarkable.

It had been some time since I last rode in full on cold weather kit: base layer, wind stopper base layer, jacket, tights, Craft XC ski pants, balaclava, wool socks, and Lake winter shoes. Because of the long absence, I forgot how much I feel like 200+ pounds of sausage stuffed into a too small lycra casing. I often feel like I’m pedaling, but in reality I’m wiggling around and going nowhere as motorists gawk and laugh as they pass. Good times.


I wouldn’t go so far to say that I’ve learned to embrace the cold since moving here, but I have learned to deal with it. Sadly, I usually don’t find myself “dealing with it” until sometime in January. For some reason I’m just not mentally prepared for riding in the cold and snow in November and December. I often will, but the enjoyment level is usually pretty low. Shooting photos is often a motivator to get me outside to ride when I would rather sit my ass in comfy chair and drink beer, unfortunately–as you can see here–the pics I took on Friday’s ride were pretty lame.


The one thing that did truly motivate me on Friday was the thought of pizza for lunch. I found a pizza dough recipe that only takes two ingredients (Greek yogurt and self rising flour), and I was anxious to try it out, so I made up a personal sized pizza for lunch on Friday and it was freaking amaze-balls!! I have never made a dough that was so quick, so easy, and so tasty. I see a lot of pizza in my future. I should probably start riding more… or buy some bigger pants. You can see more about that amaze-ball pizza [HERE].


With the chill, and crap photos of Friday still fresh in my mind, I opted to run/lumber on the treadmill while watching footy on Saturday. I got another 3 miles in, and would finish the week with around fifteen miles in.

I probably should have forced myself out the door on Saturday, because on Sunday we got hit with the first real snow storm on the winter. It stormed all day and I think we ended up with about seven inches or so. In a day or so, this should make for some nice snow packed fat bike riding on the dirt roads. Not saying that I will be motivated enough to actually ride, but stranger things have happened.


B’s school is cancelled today, and I still have more snow to move, so motivation for a workout is going to be nonexistent, but motivation to make and eat pizza should be pretty high.


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