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Vintage Milano-San Remo


I was poking around the web yesterday and discovered some pretty sweet video from the 1922 Milano-San Remo race (or Milan-San Remo if you have something against the letter o and prefer the English pronunciation). The 1922 edition of Milano-San Remo was 286.5 km long and won by Giovanni Brunero (Legnano-Pirelli) in a time of 10:14:31. Brunero was also a three-time winner of the Giro d’Italia, taking overall victories in 1921, 1922 and 1926.

The video below is a great look at the 15th edition of one of cycling’s classic races.

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Shamed Into The Cold


A well used ceramic space heater sat humming at my feet as I sat sipping my third cup of coffee and staring blankly into my computer monitor. I had long given up on it producing anything worth while and now aimlessly clicked through dead-end after dead-end on, hyperbolic football gossip on The Daily Mail and finally full circle back to where I had started my morning off three hours earlier.  I was pleased to see that it was warming up, however I was disappointed to see that all that meant was that it was now 4˚ and not -4˚. Thoughts of climbing on the trainer in my basement now entered my head as I took a big sip of my now ice-cold coffee. Fuck.

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Exchanging Miseries


I have been off the bike and out of the gym for…um…. ah…. Hell, I don’t even know how long anymore. I was on a scheduled family vacation for a few days and despite making it to the gym today, I feel exactly like a big fat swollen blubbery miserable gorilla turd.

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I will be on hiatus from the ice, snow and this digital fish wrap I call a blog for the next 5 days or so whilst taking part in some scheduled family activities. I am almost positive that I will bring down any possibility of fun or relaxation for my family just by being there, but it’s worth a shot… I guess… maybe…

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