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Sort Of A Not So Big Deal

What fat, unemployed, beer drinking, lack luster blogger/suck cyclist had a Tweet favorited by elite World Cup cyclocross racer Katie ComptonThis guy!


This, along with high-fiving Catharine Pendrel at the Iceman two years ago, and once having Georgia Gould say thank you to XXC Mag (me) via Facebook, pretty much makes me a legend amongst the throngs of rabid fetishers fans following elite female bike racers.

Time to up my game and continue my trans-atlantic cyber-stocking of Maja Wloszczowska and Jolanda Neff. Stay tuned.

To see the lighthearted, hilarious, emaciated horror show of a calendar done for charity that the Tweet references, check out the article on

Better Alternatives


When I woke up this morning, my legs–and other body parts– were so sore from yesterday’s inaugural off-season weight session at Ballstein’s, I could barely squat on the throne for my multiple morning e-vacs. Still, there were things that needed done. Like ride.

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Mornings With Maury


Colder temps are closing in fast, my weight is out of control following the 2 week government shutdown induced depressive beer bender I went on, and I would like to be on a new bike and racing more in 2014. So, I made the commitment to go back to my gym (Morey Maury Ballstein’s Fitness Center) to mix things up, burn some calories, muscle up some flab, stay out of the wind and cold a few days a week and actually interact with people outside my home every so often.

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Design Practice: Dirt Road Barn


I had some time in between a freelance logo I’m working on for an old co-worker friend back in the ‘Burgh and “doing stuff” today, so I jacked around with some textures, backgrounds and an October “file photo” from my Standard Gravel Ride. It’s sort of fun just to fuck around now and again… making shit burgers out of shit. Carry on.

Getting What You Wish For

Part I, Friday


With B-Man off of school on Friday I did not expect to be doing any riding until Saturday. It turns out that Wifey decided to take a much-needed vacation day and gave me the go-ahead to go out and get some trail time in. I did not say no. Continue Reading →

Fall, Hanging On


I had a chance to get some miles in on the trails today. The temps were the coldest they’ve been since early spring– hovering in the low to mid-thirties– the breeze was stiff and the clouds coming down from the north looked like they could piss down some snow showers at any time.

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