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The New Normal


It happened so fast, I really don’t know how it happened…. How did I go from a guy who was more than happy to chime in and talk shit on fat bikes and how there was NO way I was going to spend money on bike that weighs nearly 40 pounds just to ride in the snow and cold, to riding a fat bike just being part of my week? How????

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Short & Icy


Today I wanted to make up for yesterday’s non-ride and at least attempt to get out on the road. The ride’s length would be determined by the conditions of the roads. Ideally, I hoped they would have been plowed of the drifting snow but still left with a wonderful layer of tire gripping snow pack.


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All The Glory


Road racing has the long climbs strewn with screaming “tifosi,” and cross racing has throngs of drunken hecklers in muddy Wellington’s but sadly most mountain bike races are often void of such passionate supporters. So seeing these photos from the 2013 Roc d’Azur in France with thousands of spectators along the climb was pretty cool. I’m content to get a “nice job” from a lone spectator at the top of a climb, so I really can’t fathom making my way up an ascent with literally thousands of people screaming at me.

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Yeah, sissies

Just like cyclists, football (soccer) players don’t get much respect from most of America. They are believed to be “sissies” in contrast to “real ‘Merican man” athletes like American football players, hockey players, bowlers and poker players.


Take a look at today’s carnage from 4th round FA Cup matches…

Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel had his split open bloody head stapled on the side of the pitch, then continued to play the remaining 40 minutes.


Jonathon Parr of Crystal Palace was knocked clean out after a challenge with Wigan’s Callum McManaman.


And probably the worst: Bryan Oviedo (Everton) snapped leg like in two.


Yeah, sissies.

Gym Follies & Other Stuff


This week has been a pretty good week of what I call “doing stuff.” Some people call it “training” but I can’t really bring myself to use that term anymore, since I have no idea what I am training for other than to not get any fatter and to ride and race my bike without looking like the complete douche bag that I surely am.

Part of the stuff I do is going to the gym for some strength training and off the bike cardio. It’s nothing over the top and it’s not all that interesting, but this week did have it’s share of ridiculousness…

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