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The Post Since The Last

At the end of my last post I mentioned that I was getting ready to head up to MMCC to ride some singletrack. I did, it was fun, and unbelievable that it happened nearly a week ago. I got sidetracked, then did other stuff, then got busy, then got sidetracked again. In this post I do some catchup with riding and life, mostly with the use of photos.

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Lumbered Miles

The week thus far has been void of major miles.1 There has only been one ride so far and that clocked in at just over 29 miles. There were also two 3 mile interval runs lumbers on the treadmill due to time restraints, weather, and a twist of end of summer ennui.

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Slow Again

Today as I readied my bottles for my ride I briefly thought about taking the PrOcal out. Then I remembered how packed down and fast the roads were yesterday morning and how well the Boone performed on said roads. “What could change in 24 hours?” I thought. It turns out the dumping of fresh gravel on just about every gravel road north of town is what. Cuss!

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A Tuesday Ride

I got out Tuesday morning for a ride south of town with the PrOcal. I’ve been opting to use the PrOcal on the rides south of town due to many of the roads being extremely sandy and torn up by Amish horses and buggies this time of year, but I have to admit, anytime the roads smooth out I am left longing for the efficiency of the Boone. The gearing of the PrOcal is way more suited for actual singletrack (probably because it’s made for actual mountain biking, not putzing around slowing on gravel roads), and I just feel like I’m pedaling on fly paper much of the time.

Having said all that, when things get sandy and shitty I plow through with confidence without so much as a wobble.

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Getting Back, Sort Of

After Wednesday’s crap 16-ish mile ride I took Thursday off the bike and just goofed off and got caught up on some stuff.

By Friday I was feeling better mentally and ready to ride, but could have used better legs. I got a half way OK ride in and took some photos, but that was about the extent of it.

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Suffered 16

I took today (Thursday) off the bike for a couple of reasons:  1. I needed to get some shit done and 2. Wednesday’s ride sucked, sucked real bad and I wanted a break. I should clarify that the ride didn’t suck, the bike didn’t suck–I sucked!

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Disappearing Rides

Sunday and Monday were spent off the bike; doing dad stuff, catching up on some work, goofing off, and going to the shop to swap from the too knobby for Michigan singletrack, side wall Stan’s weeping Maxxis Ikons to the trusted Bontrager XR2s. Thankfully on Tuesday, the Magic 8 ball of life had all signs pointing to a ride on dirt roads.

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