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Sweaty Eyelids

It’s funny what a difference having some good carbs in the system and cooler temps can do for the legs. Some storms moved through various parts of the  central Michigan area yesterday (somehow missing Mt. Pleasant) and left behind 20˚cooler temperatures.


Despite the cooler temps, there was some thick, lingering humidity in the air… the sort of that leaves you soaked with sweat even though it is NOT all that hot out. The sort which causes sweat to collect on your eyelids in puddles and can have your chamois feeling like a sweat soaked sponge that oozes perspiration with every shift of the crotchial region.


I feared the worst for today’s ride, since pre-ride prep involved me breaking a valve stem upon removing the pump. I considered it penance yesterday’s aborted ride and hoped the Bike Gods were appeased. It seems they were. Today’s 42 mile road ride was light years better than yesterday’s craptastic mountain bike ride. but to be honest, the ride was nothing to write home about (or blog about) yet it appears that I have done just that… c’est la vie.

8 Mile

90% of the game is half mental.
– Yogi Berra

So much of cycling is physical; fitness, technique, nutrition, etc., Yet, so much of it is mental. Today was a prime example. A half mile into what should have been a quick and fun 15 mile loop and I knew that I was under fueled, unmotivated and feeling a bit like this–


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The Standard Road Ride


Gravel road riding seems to be more popular than ever right now. There are gravel races, “gentlemen’s rides,”  brevets and ultra cross events nearly every weekend. Some are organized, some are free, some are paid and some are just a bunch of people getting together to ride un-paved roads that are less traveled by texting, coffee drinking, lipstick putting on, yelling at the kids, paying no fucking attention what-so-fucking ever, minivan driving moms and their brothers; the pissed off, mad at the world, uptight, suit and tie wearing assholes who like nothing better than to fuck with a person on a bike as they blow by in their $70,000 SUV that will never be used for any “sport” or “utility” in its entire, never gonna be paid off for “because I gotta get a new one” life span. (I dare you to read that last bit out loud. Blowhard). Continue Reading →

Wheels: What Not To Buy

Some of you know the drama I have had with my Easton EA90 XC wheels over the past two years, some may not. For those who are unfamiliar with the saga, let me give you an update. I switched to the Eastons after a variety of issues with a variety of Stan’s rims; cracks, separating welds seems, etc., etc., My one shop had an extra pair of Easton’s that had been hanging around for a few months, so based on the fact that a buddy of mine had a set, liked them and was even thinking about a 2nd pair, I plunked down my debit card for them.

Worst. Decision. Ever.

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The Soiled Frittata


The Soiled Frittata is a mashup of Italian and Mediterranean influences on a white trash tip. What makes it white trash? I made it. Everything I cook pretty much comes with the sub-head of “white trash” in the title. Actually, the entire name for this should be The Soiled Primal-ish White Trash Frittata but it was too long to put in the title. Bummer. Continue Reading →

Psychological War Crimes

Being forced indoors during the harsh winter months or squeezing a workout in on the trainer every so often due to time restraints or inclement weather is something we all live with from time to time… BUT for one reason or another, baring the 50 miles I rode at Saturday’s X100, I have been forced to workout indoors for 9 of the past 10 days… In AUGUST! I believe working out indoors during the summer when most people are out riding qualifies as a psychological war crime (although I am not sure what war I am fighting?… The War on Suck? Slack War I?)


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2013 X100 (50 Mile) Race Report

After months of anticipation, the time for the inaugural X100 race just outside of Traverse City, Michigan had finally come. As a Michigander via Pennsylvania I was pretty happy to see the state get its third 100 mile mountain bike race, joining the three year old Hanson Hills 100 and the long running Lumberjack 100 events. Continue Reading →

North Woods Love


This weekend I headed up to Michigan’s “north woods.” No I didn’t go tot he U.P., but went to the next best place– the rolling hills and dense, dark forests that surround Traverse City, Michigan. I could really get into being closer to that area. To me it’s a great blend of the mountain West, the PA Laurel Highlands and rural Michigan. Three of my favorite locals.

Racing for me these days is more just about riding and getting to hang out with friends and this was the perfect weekend and the perfect place for it. Not mention we were blessed with warm, sunny days and cool crisp nights.

You can see small random selection of photos I snapped with the iPhone this weekend by clicking the image above. I will have more on the X100 and the x50 in the coming day or so here and at


Just In Time

I am heading up to the X100 (X50 for me) in Traverse City, MI this weekend. I was pretty stoked to see that the mail man/woman/person was able to re-stock my supply of CarboRocket 333 Half Evil Endurance Fuel JUST before I headed out the door. Thanks Mr/Mrs mail type person! I love CarboRocket because it kills two race birds with one stone: hydration and calories. Plus it’s one of the few race fuels that I haven’t spewed on myself like a drunk frat boy during a race.


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