The Dirt Squeeze


After spending 8.5 hours with my ass puckered on Wednesday, waiting to screw something up on my first day at the shop, I slept like a baby last night* : a six-foot one, 200+ pound, shaved legged, beer bellied, Morrissey haired, love handled, bike riding, wanker-like baby. Despite that lengthy, yet still abbreviated, list of my handicaps, it still managed to feel great.

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Ouch, New Stuff


After squeezing in a 37 mile dirt road/road ride on Monday, I THOUGHT I knew what Tuesday would bring: time in a dentist chair getting two cavities filled and a crown mold formed. What I didn’t know is just how much pain I would endure during the procedure and/or how long I would be in said dentist chair getting the procedure done. It turns out that it was two hours of non-working novocaine, copious amounts of puckered butt sweat, armpit sweat, saliva dripping, and burning dental drills–pretty fucking miserable!

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I usually reserve Mondays for getting the biggest chunk of shit I hate to do out of the way, and I did do a bunch of that stuff today, but since I didn’t ride yesterday, Tuesday has a inconveniently timed mid-day dental appointment and Wednesday has me actually going to work some hours, I figured I’d better get out today just in case.

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Forgotten & Lost


I’m not sure why, but the past few days and the weekend have been a bit of a blur. As predicted, most of Friday was a soggy mess. So I took the time to head down to Terry’s in Alma to swap out some brake pads on the Superfly.

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Digging In


The week so far had been pretty lackluster in the bike ridin’ department: one hour on the trainer and a 15+ mile lap of singletrack at MMCC was all I had under my ever-expanding belt. Thankfully that changed today and I got out on the Boone for 47.5 miles of dirt roads, pavement and gravel. Huzzah!

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The First Time (Again)


It’s been a while since I last rode snowless singletrack; I reckon about six months. Most of the delay was due to me being lazy and not having my mountain bike(s) up and ready to go when the Michigan winter finally broke. The rest was due to the fact that I got a new cross bike (Boone!) and have been stacking up hours and miles riding dirt, gravel and paved roads so as to give my fitness a much needed kick in the lard ass and lose a few pounds.

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The AF3 Experiment


You may recall in some of my recent posts where I spoke of getting back into film photography with such cameras as the Holga 135 “toy” camera and the legendary Olympus MJU II point and shoot. Well, the interest continued on when I picked up another point and shoot camera with a 2.8 lens: the Nikon AF3 One Touch point and shoot.

I scored the AF3 for less than $19 (probably still too much) on FleaBay in unknown working condition. Thankfully, it turns out it works.

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Fat, Wet & Chill


I knew after Thursday’s 45 mile ride that the following days–especially the balls of the weekend– would feature less miles due to family commitments and forecasted rain. However that is not to say that the weekend sucked.

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Baked & Salted


It’s funny how quickly things change. It seems like only yesterday I was riding my Farley over frozen dirt roads, with five layer, of woolen, wicking, hi-tech, extreme cold weather gear and still freezing my tits off in 1˚ weather. Today I rode 45 miles of pavement and dirt roads (about 65% pavement today) and came home a sweaty, fat piece of salty baked ham in human form. Believe me, that is in NO way complaining, I loved every hot, sweaty, ham-like moment of those 45 miles! I’m just sayin’.

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Something Different


No, no, no, the “something different” in the title of this has nothing to do with my ride today. The ride was more of the blessed same. It’s all more to do with the fact that I had started a post about something, but decided to save all that for another day. Today’s ride was merely dirt and paved road miles on the CX bike to try and burn off more blubber.

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