Lowlights & Lowerlights


Since I am not one to keep quiet (in the blogo-shere) even when I have nothing at all to say, I am putting up this post. Lucky for you there’s not much to it except some bitching about crap weather and some photos from around greater Michiganderburgh and food in my kitchen.

I knew going into this weekend that unless I got up at the ass crack of dawn on Saturday, my only day to ride would be Sunday. B had an away match Saturday afternoon, so most of the day would be spent driving and spectating. It didn’t really matter that much since the winds were gusting and the rain was pissing down all day. Perfect weather for sitting in a chair watching U12 soccer.

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Fallish Fat Rambling


I finally did it! I finally forced my [recovering] sick, fat assed self to get in the saddle and get some miles in. It wasn’t the longest of rides, but between the wind and fatness of the bike, a workout was had.

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Sick Man Walking II


Thursday was just like Wednesday, except that my short walk/hike was on different trails. Other than that everything was pretty much the same: still sick, still achey, still acting like a dick and being a forty-four year old baby because I’m sick with a head and chest cold. You know, typical douche-like me stuff.

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Sick Man Walking


Monday evening the illness that B-Man picked up while camping last week took over my body; I was less than thrilled. I slept about two hours Monday night as post-nasal drip ran down the back of my throat like a river of sludge. Good times, good times.

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Dirt Road Slack


This past weekend shouldn’t have been filled with as much slack as it was, but slackers gotta slack, and that’s just what I did on Friday and Sunday. Thankfully between those slack-filled days I got out for 32 miles of dirt road riding on the Boone. The ride was short, the ride was good, I didn’t take many pics worth a dung heap.

Now here we are at the beginning of another week, my attention has tuned to getting some rides in and I’m fighting off a cold–brilliant.

Hoping to get outside for something tomorrow whether it it’s in the woods or on the road.


A Time Saver


Thursday I needed to try (try being the key word) to catch up on the stuff that I neglected to do on Wednesday, so I opted for a short, foggy dirt road ride north of town. Knowing how slack I am I assumed that the ride would suck given that I spent most of Wednesday in the saddle traipsing through the Michigan woods–thankfully I was wrong.

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Remembering Why I Love It


With Brennan off on a camping trip with his school as of this morning and Wifey out-of-town on business again until late Thursday night, I pretty much had nothing to do today. So, after I got B off to school/camping, ate breakfast, drank 62.3 ounces of coffee, dumped out two to eight times and came to mental grips with the fact that I indeed had nothing to do, I decided to head down to ride some of the North Country Trail.

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That Feeling


My last ride featured forty-seven miles of sandy roads, crap pavement, steady winds, unusually hight fall temperatures, dehydration, cramping and a semi bi-annual bonk due to suck. Fast forward four days of slack to today, and my ride featured ten less miles, firm dirt and gravel roads, little wind, perfect early fall temps, plenty of water and good legs. If last Thursday’s ride had me feeling like Fredwardian moron, this one had me feeling like a cycling god. Then I remembered that I only rode thirty-seven miles with about 800 feet of elevation gain. Whatever, for a few seconds I WAS a cycling god!! I’ll take that feeling over the bonked moron feeling any day, even if it does only last a few seconds.

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Happy Birthday!


Happy fourth birthday to Jake (the dog)! My furry, snoring, smelly, farting, friend that I seem to spend more time with then any one human these days. He drives me crazy some days, but I still love him.

Flipping & Flopping The 80/20


I’ve read things over the years in regards to diets, er, “lifestyles” that say if you follow a healthy lifestyle for 80% of the time, you can stay on the right track. I am pretty sure over they years I have done just that, especially in my mid 20’s through mid 30’s, but slowly I started making the WRONG choices 80% of the time.

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