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Three Day Blur


The week thus far has been a three day blur of riding, house shit, chores, heat, humidity, traveling, soccer practices, and AC repairmen. None of that is all that bad except for the AC needing repaired during one of the hottest summers I’ve experienced in my almost six years here in Michigan. Thankfully we had some sort of appliance, warranty bullshit and that covered the cost of the repair. Now just to hope that the thing holds on for the summer without having to have the unit replaced!

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New Highs With My Lows

WTChinesebbAround lunch time today, I once again found myself craving Chinese food, however ordering up a pint of Spicy Ramen & Shrimp from Super China Panda Great Wall Garden House would have been way too hard. I needed food that required less work of me. And by “less work” I mean food that would take less than ten minutes to cook, would not require me to talk to anyone, and I could make with ingredients I already had in the house. Less work is good, and even better when it tastes good.

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White Trash Soba Noodles & Peas


I made this up in less than 10 minutes after the gym today. Some chicken or beef in it would have been nice, but for a quick lunch it was pretty OK. Then again, after last night’s meatloaf binge and 2 a.m. case of the meat sweats, I was just fine with meatless version. Who knew you could excrete ground beef and pork through your pores???

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